Private Dance Instruction

I offer you the confident, gentle, intuitive instruction and guidance developed from 22+ year career in the movement arts informed by mindfulness and devotion to heart centered, authentic relating.

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Contemplative Embodiment Coaching

What is the genius you are seeking to express in the world? What is the gift you hold but haven’t yet realized?
Through holding impeccable space for your discovery with curiosity and interest, wade into the depths with me through breath, movement and compassionate inquiry. In working with emergent wisdom of the body and the Gene Keys, my intention is to support and empower you in embodying the clarity, focus, ease and grace you need to actualize your potential.

Virtual and in-person sessions available.

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Personalized Partner Dance Experience

Give yourself the gift of being danced. Allow me to sweep you off your feet and take you on a movement journey into delight. My commitment: to use clear, direct communication and offer you a safe space to express.

All genders welcome.

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Gene Keys Readings

Explore the underlying, archetypal frequencies informing your personality, relationships and prosperity. As a Gene Keys practitioner since 2013, Wren offers deeply embodied guidance through the golden path of your profile. Whether you’re wanting an overview to start you on your journey, or are ready to dive into contemplating a specific facet of your profile, Wren can help you get into the heart of unlocking your genius.

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Attunement Therapy

During an Attunement Therapy session, the client reclines beside the body of the practitioner with their head rested on their chest so they can hear the practitioner’s heartbeat. The nature of Attunement Therapy, along with it’s unique consent protocols, allow the client’s entire nervous system to access very deep states of relaxation where their body enters into a natural and automatic ‘reset’ function.

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Corporate Leadership & Team building Training

Being a leader isn’t about having all the ideas. It’s about making sure there’s a good idea in the room. By practicing patience, presence and listening to the excitement in your body as well as in those of your team, you’ll be able to kiss your culture, productivity and innovation woes goodbye.

Teams are at the heart of a high functioning organization. In order to be both effective and efficient, a team needs trust among all its members. Level up your teams with the  intelligence  increasing skills of embodied movement, physical theater games and mindfulness training.

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Cocréa Dance Playshops

Cocréa blends the connected, structural integrity of social partner dance, with the organic, blissful expression of free dance. Together, participants learn to listen and respond in every moment to co-create spontaneously and practice presence moving together as one. Weaving the threads of collaboration, cross-pollination and consciousness, Cocréa focuses on how dance can enhance and expand relationships into a deeply connected, honest and powerful tool for personal, interpersonal and transpersonal co-creation and transformation.

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