Contemplative Embodiment Coaching

“…the bigger piece right now is not the changes in my physical dancing, but changes in consciousness…

I was following as you moved your body in ways that were unfamiliar to me.

It felt like I was being re-patterned.

Very healing.”

Jean Morrison, Private Coaching Client

Live the Best Version of Yourself

The path to mastery can be a rocky one and we can all use a helping hand along the way. Maybe you’re struggling with a recurring pattern that’s sabotaging your relationships, perhaps you have a block to your creativity, or you just can’t quite articulate a vision that’s bursting out of you.

I combine reflective listening, compassionate inquiry and the somatic awareness of 23 years of movement practice, with the contemplative practice for personal illumination of the Gene Keys. My goal is to offer guidance that help bring awareness to shadow patterns holding you back from realizing your brilliance.

Through coming into contact with these shadow aspects, allowing, accepting and embracing them as part of your journey into a more expansive version of yourself, you will increase your choice, build resilient mindbody and spirit, and receive support to change your life so you are more aligned with values of your choosing.

We are conditioned with so many stories that do not serve us in life. My own path has shown me that it is possible to be who we truly desire to be, and that what we own, achieve and have learned to believe is not who we are.

As your coach, my mission is to support you choosing the path that leads to your happiness, fulfillment and completeness as an awakening genius transiting this highly dynamic, wonderous and transitory experience of “being human”.