“Wren has a truly remarkable ability to create an open and positive environment where students feel safe to explore new ideas through movement.”

Megan Slayter

Chair and Assistant Professor of Dance, Western Michigan University



Wren works internationally in support of strengthening and enlivening communities and growing healthy relationships through dance. A recognized TEDx, Body Intelligence Summit, and Conscious Dancer Podcast speaker, he is known as an authority on partner dance as an awareness building practice. Teaching as a featured presenter at retreats, colleges, festivals, high schools and in communities across North America, Central America and Europe since 2011, he is responsible for co-initiating four currently thriving Fusion partner dance scenes in Port Townsend, Nevada City, Sebastopol and Nelson, BC.

In 2015, he presented Cocréa at the Design For Dance Conference at Stanford University promoting partner dance as a leadership tool in the workplace, demonstrating a clear talent for speaking to a diversity of audiences. Collaborating most notably with Antje Schaefer from 2013-2016 developing Cocréa, as well as the memorable Connexus events, Wren is an undeniably potent leader and inspiration for the conscious partner dance movement.

– BA in Drama and Dance, University of Washington,
– Certified Danyasa Inspired Yoga Instructor
– Awake At Work Certified Mindfulness Facilitator
– Certified Attunement Therapy practicioner
– Do Good Things with Power program graduate with Zahava Gris
– Author in the published work, “Reinhabiting the Village,”
– TEDx speaker, “Pioneering the New Renaissance through Movement”, TEDxBend
– Pacific Performance Project (P3), Intensive Training Graduate
– Actors Theater of Louisville Apprentice Program, 2003-2004
– Featured Presenter: Abundant Leadership Retreats, Body Intelligence Summit with Gay and Katie Hendricks, Conscious Dancer Podcast, Beloved Festival (4 years), Oregon Country Fair (5 years), Convergence 2018 at Arcosanti

photo: Tobin Poppinberg

Dance Philosophy

“I believe dancing in physical connection with one another has the power to inspire deeper joy, embodied consciousness and most precious of all, peace.  I practice solo and partnered dance as a transformational journey through my personal and our collective wounds towards an unbound, cocreative unity.  Dance for me is Jedi Music Appreciation through which I, the dancer, open as a conduit for the music to express through. In essence, little i, “the dancer”, gets out of the way and allows big I, Higher Self, Creator, God, to enter and let themselves be danced. The result is consistently different, completely transitory and nearly impossible to recreate, which is why the dancer must continue dancing; the exploration of our unique, perfect imperfection is a perfect ambition.”

-Wren LaFeet


photo: Boots Yeppesen

My invitation is an opportunity for two dancers to come together in Spinaesthesia: the act of feeling and seeing music as movement in the body, and weave intimacy with sovereignty from a place of deep feeling. I teach dance as a metaphor for life and relationship to impart tools for connection and embodiment in the present moment. I believe our minds and bodies working in harmony and balance is the technological breakthrough that will catalyze the greatest innovations in the times to come.

My genius shines when guiding people into their willingness to play, engage, connect, and push edges. I anticipate and celebrate a world where the cultivation of mind AND body intelligence is paramount in the continual revolution and rebirth of how we live, work and relate.


photo: Eric Partham

Wren owes a huge debt of gratitude to the teachers that have helped shape his dance and his teaching:

  • Stacey Printz (Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet)

  • Rick Wallace (Jazz, Composition)

  • Frey Faust (Axis Syllubus)

  • Amy Secada (Capoeira, 360 Method)

  • Jose Barroso (Cuban Salsa)

  • Mijiler Vega (Cuban Salsa)

  • Eric Fenn (Urban Contemporary)

  • Anakha Comen (Mindfulness and Faciliatation in a Corporate Setting)

  • Sahajananda (Hridaya yoga and meditation)

  • Zahava Griss (Empowerment)

  • Shantala Davis (Lindy Hop, Fusion, Zouk)

  • Dave Madison (Lindy Hop)

  • Ted Maddry (Swing, Blues, Tango)

  • Lessa Lamb (Swing, Blues, Tango)

  • Drea Lusion (Contemporary, Composition)

  • Justin Riley (Blues, Fusion)

  • Mark Haim (Contemporary, Composition)

  • Jürg Koch (Contemporary)

  • Amy O’Neal (Hip Hop)

  • Hannah Wiley (Ballet)

  • Cathy Madden (Alexander technique)

  • Peter Kyle (Contemporary)

  • Robin Hunt and Steve Pearson (Suzuki technique)

  • Sofiah Thom (Danyasa and Vinyasa yoga)

  • Larry Thrane (Yoga)

  • Shawn Roop (Tantra)

  • Brenda Russell (Blues)

  • Jonathan Janis (Franklin method, somatic philosophy)

  • Dennis Naumann (European Ballroom)