Embodied Connection for the Growing You

A Revolution into Embodied Awareness


Learning to move in partnership empowers individuals to lead more regulated, compassionate and vivacious relationships and lives.

Increase your vitality, engage community, and discover a more youthful, wholesome You.




“I want my life to feel like that dance.”


Devorah Bry, Founder of HoneyRoot



“Wren shows up with masterful attunement, presence, and care. The safe space he welcomes people into is one of the best I have found in this work. In a world full of worry, take some time to treat yourself to his solid frame. I had a deep dive this Autumn with the energy inspired by our dance. There is a truly therapeutic essence to what Wren offers. Treat yourself to this healing space, and you too can unwind the embodied learning of a lifetime.”

– Kris Coffman, LMFT

“A journey into the self, in the meetings of infinite reflections. Cocréa is an exploration. It is as a light torch, to illuminate the pieces that seek acknowledgment. Through this modality, Wren bridges the concepts of the mind, the expression of the heart, the curiosity of the body into a melody of dance.

Deconstructing and observing the world around us, and the one inside of us, so we can cultivate presence and greater awareness in all the steps we walk, we dance. Yes, let’s dance.”

– Juliette Carman, Photographer and Ceremonialist

“Eloquent, articulate and talented, this modern day renaissance man is spreading the consciousness of connection through the lens of partnered dance far and wide.”


– Mark Metz, Creator/Editor of Conscious Dancer Magazine

In our 90 minute private session, Wren accomplished more than I would have expected from weeks of therapy. The [weekend] workshop was focused on partner dance, but the effects have been so much larger than just that, I don’t even know where to begin…

“Thanks to Wren I began rediscovering a part of me that I had thought long dead and buried. He challenged me to face some fears and helped me feel safe enough to do so.”


– Carole Hayes, Photographer

“Yes! Wren is a dance AND a relating genius! Receiving his guidance was fun, helpful,  healing, and really good for Ananda (my partner) and I to share together. Best “lesson” ever.

    – Lindsay Bellows, Singer/Songwriter

    “I have learned SOOOOOOOOOOO much from dancing with Wren!!!! He continues to show up with such immaculate presence in this space, and is not your average dance teacher. I have entered into some serious dance portals with this human. I HIGHLY recommend lessons with him.

      – Phoenix Waters,

      Professional Coach

      Because of you, your energy and approach and everything, Ted and I have been closer than we have been in a couple of years. It was like some barrier was removed and we felt our connection again – I have no explanation but there was some true healing that occurred. I hope you can receive that we consider you a healer and better than any couples therapist we’ve ever known.

        – Carol Meer, LMT

        Play. Connect. Create.

        I help people access freedom and intimacy through movement, and promote the creation of a beautiful global community that moves, breathes and feels together.

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        How will you move when there are no wrong steps?

        What will you say when you completely trust and love yourself?

        How will you guide others in your fully embodied leadership?