1-on-1 Dance Instruction

Receiving private instruction is the fastest road to improving your dance. Whether you’re seeking improvement in a specific style – be it swing, blues, fusion, hip-hop, or are wanting to develop body awareness, Wren can help! Receive instant feedback towards skill development catered to building on your existing movement experience.

Perhaps you’re just starting out in dance and need a safe space to gain confidence in moving. Working with beginners and helping nurture a love for dance is one of Wren’s deepest passions. Having been a dancer for 20 years and been a beginner many times over with each new style, he understands the care it takes to work with someone just opening their curiosity around dance. His promise to you: to never give you more or less than you can handle.

Work on the skills YOU are interested in exploring, and never feel pressured to “get it”. It takes as long as it takes and Wren’s gentle and intuitive guidance will set you up for a lifetime of love for dance.