Join Wren LaFeet on a transformational dance journey across the United States and back

On Saturday July 30th, Wren was offered a free ticket to Burning Man by one of his most trusted collaborators and allies on one condition: if he said yes and accepted, he HAD to come.

On August 6th, this website was launched.

And so we come, across the continent, through the fires of Burning Man, those of his breaking heart fresh from the end of a potent 7 year relationship, the west coast of his home and the many dwelling places of those in the 2022 Cocréa Facilitator Training program nearing it’s completion to share connection, movement, sweat, tears, laughter, music, stories and a prayer for a world connected in joy through all the suffering that threatens to rob us of it.


What will you dance into existence from the glowing embers of that which is ready to burn?

In the wake of heartbreak, of death, comes grief, and ultimately, rebirth. Living through this time of global transition takes courage, presence and vulnerability. Humility in our speech and interactions is crucial, and holding compassion through it all, a necessity. We must also remember to nourish ourselves in our deepest places, and resourcing through community connection has the power to bring such nourishment.

Each stop along this tour will be a unique movement offering inspired by the moment and the emergent, intuitive intelligence of those gathered from the rich firmament of the place’s dance community.

The body of work Wren carries, COCRÉA is a collaborative embodiment practice co-founded by Wren and Antje Schaefer. As an improvisational, embodied movement practice for developing presence, strength and intimacy, it stands as a beacon in society for those seeking a more unitive and connected experience in life.

Weaving the threads of permaculture, mindfulness, embodiment and emergent leadership, the practice focuses on inviting, allowing, acclimating and relaxing into ever deepening levels of listening.

Blending partner dance techniques, solo movement, somatic attunement and intimacy practices, and luscious soundtracks, Cocréa facilitators craft containers imbued with trust and permission enabling dancers to enter into flow state within a safer, brave space.

In this practice, we’re offered the possibility to enhance and elevate the realm of somatic human relating into a deeply connected, honest and powerful tool for transformation and cultivation of a humanity in pristine coherence with our planet and all life.

In these evening length and day-long workshops, Wren will guide participants into an experiential embodiment practice based in the forms of many of the world’s social partner dance techniques, while inviting and allowing an easeful flow of ideas to emerge through listening and responding to the moment. Familiar techniques woven together in this practice include blues, fusion, tango, contact improvisation and more!

As we hone this dynamic, kinetic toolbox, we emphasize connection, communication and presence between two people within a community of others. Allowing intuition and feeling to guide the partnership, their centers and frames to support it, Cocréa celebrates our ability to embody profound joy through being in a body moving in harmony with another body.

All Workshops 3hrs and Donation Based unless marked with an *

Day-Long if marked with a †

“Life Offers no Guarantees”


Suggested: $60-$100

No one turned away for lack of funds

Make sure and read details on each event before registering!


Check back here or look on the Cocréa Facebook page for information on each individual event.

If indoor venue is not confirmed within 3 days of tour date, date may be cancelled, however Wren will more likely find a park to host his workshop in.

In case you hadn’t gathered, this is an incredibly ad hoc and low pressure situation.


In looking at the current trends, masks are encouraged and welcome. Eyes will be kept on rates as date of the event approaches to see if testing before event will be required. You are of course welcome and encouraged to also take a test before the event.

Take good care and please do NOT come if you are feeling at all under the weather.