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Personalized Partner Dance Experience

“[Wren,] You’re basically the best lead.”


-Ayla Nereo, internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter


Do you wish you had someone to just take you out dancing? No strings. No hangups. No agenda. Just dancing? Hiring Wren will be exactly that.

Maybe you’ve got a partner who just doesn’t like to dance, or maybe you’re single and want an exquisite evening of social dance without having to worry about guys constantly trying to pick up on you. With Wren, it’s all dance and all attention devoted to you simply having a good time.



We all need to feel vital and alive, and dancing with another person is the best way to get those happy chemicals flowing. Wren has spent the last 20 years cultivating himself as a safer space for others to express and feel seen making him an excellent listener and responder to your needs in the moment.

His vow: to always be as clear and precise as possible in communication to facilitate you having the best night of social dancing you could ask for.


Following curiosity and excitement to allow and witness whatever wants to emerge from you and Wren and the music.
Nothing more and nothing less.*


Couple it with a private lesson before your evening out if you’re wanting to level up your social dance technique!


*No intoxication or sexual advances will be tolerated or solicited.