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Connection and Understanding through Dance








A Revolution into Embodied Awareness

Learning to dance in partnership empowers individuals to lead mindful, compassionate and vivacious lives. Increase your vitality, engage community, and discover a more youthful, wholesome You.






“Eloquent, articulate and talented, this modern day renaissance man is spreading the consciousness of connection through the lens of partnered dance far and wide.”

Mark Metz
Creator/Editor of Conscious Dancer Magazine




Play. Connect. Create.

I help people access freedom through movement and inspire others to do the same in their unique style. Develop confidence, leadership and trust through an intuitive and unique process tailored to fit your needs. 




“I want my life to feel like that dance.”

Devorah Bry, Founder of HoneyRoot




How will you move when there are no wrong steps?

What will you say when you completely trust and love yourself?

How will you guide others in your fully embodied leadership?